It has come to my attention that Jimi Hendrix is getting the “deluxe reissue” treatment. But upon further investigation I found that not all the Hendrix albums are getting re-released with fancy packaging in the U.S. Only some. No Band of Gypsys! Denied! Not only is it the best Hendrix but it’s also one of the best albums of ALL TIME. And it is all live recordings, compiled from four of the only shows the Gypsys ever played- including New Years Eve, 1969 at the Fillmore East. What I wouldn’t give to have been there…

The re-issue will come out in Europe but that means super $$$ for us over here. Not like anyone buys albums anyway- but reissues sell pretty well. Why would they not press Band of Gypsys, which is in high demand because it’s a rarity? Sounds to me like someone dumb was making the decisions.

Band of Gypsys (Jimi Hendrix): Who Knows