By Maya Grant

On Saturday I left uptown and went to the After the Jump Fest in Brooklyn, a 3-day blogger curated event in Gowanus. The show was all ages (yay for me!) and featured some killer bands. When I got there the beer & booze was already flowing amongst everyone. Left and right in the lounge people were talking, laughing and smiling. I’ve never seen so many complete strangers get along so well. Anyway, to the most important part of my night, the bands! It wasn’t my usual scene of moshing, girls being stomped on and guys being punched in the face or everyone simultaneously jumping up and down BUT, I had the pleasure of seeing Shark?, Captain Ahab and the Sea Crackens and a couple of other bands. Shark? started off the night with a mellowed out vibe, we nodded our heads along with the music and when a faster song was played, even danced a little. They had a great interaction with the crowd, cracking a few jokes every so often (about themselves or another band). Even though there are only 3 members, Shark? have a big sound, (oh the wonders of drums.) When the Sea Crackens went on the sound didn’t completely change (drum solos still kicked ass) but more and more people started to fill the room. Then, by the time Bottle Up and Go came out, head nods turned into full on dancing and singing turned into complete screams (the people there , not the bands). The night turned out to be a total hit. Maybe bloggers do know something after all…