It is my life. The DP’s is everything that means anything. I’m utterly without words. But here they are, coming out…This is not just some form of entertainment. Dave Longstreth is like a genius, a musical genius. He’s like the Robert Frost of Rock Music, fuck I don’t know. He writes and sings and plays and is just a man, but why do my eyes fill with tears when the notes are just right??? Why does my spine tingle and make me know it’s there? It’s like that age old conundrum, how does one respond to sound?? I guess like this! The planets are aligned or something when he is at work. Just watch this video, he talks like a scientist about music. When you get to about 7 minutes in Angel and Amber demonstrate something incredible called hocketing:

See more videos here.

The band is on tour, you have to see the show. I mean, your life will fucking change. I promise.

Here’s an mp3, cos you NEED it.

Dirty Projectors: Temecula

Video of same song: