I just discovered Mountain Man and boy was I struck in the face with a gust of fresh, cold, clean air. Seriously, try listening to “Animal Tracks” and tell me it doesn’t make you wish for a porch with a swing, a tree with limbs to climb or grass you don’t have to put your shoes on first to get to. There’s a moment of pause shortly after the song begins, almost telling you to hold up, look around, take a breath, wait and appreciate your surroundings. And then it picks up again. A momentous moment.

Mountain Man is three women from Bennington, Vermont, which of course makes so much sense it’s not even funny. Bennington was also once the home of Mary Oliver, after all, whose poems focused on animals, nature and tranquility just as Mountain Man’s songs do.

Mountain Man has songs available here, or see their MySpace here. It doesn’t appear they are touring, but they have before…to places like Woodstock. Long, heavy sighhh…

(thnx to Chocolate B.)

Mountain Man: Animal

Mountain Man: Animal