I understand that sponsorships and endorsements are one of the only avenues bands have these days to make money. I get it. As much as i don’t like it, and think it cheapens the art/music that the band/artist makes, i get it. What i DON’T get is why it’s actually considered somewhat “cool” to do this. For example, today I got a press release announcing Chairlift‘s new video. But the release doesn’t say anything about the video or even what song the video is for- instead it’s touted in huge caps-lock letters that the video was made for MARC by MARC JACOBS and it will be featured on SAKS.com!! Holy shit, that’s so cool!!!

No, actually it isn’t. In my opinion it’s fucking lame. I’m glad that they can make money from it- but if that’s all that they are getting out of it, well then that’s really sad. What ever happened to doing shit for inspiration (or better yet, arts?) sake??

Get this- the band is wearing the Marc Jacobs clothes in the video, and “walking the streets of Brooklyn.” WOW!!! Will this help sell clothes for Marc? Yes. Will it help sell records for Chairlift? Doubtful.

I interviewed Chairlift in the Spring for Spinner, and the band told me they wanted to make a video for every song they write. So, maybe this is helping them do that. But you’d think if they wanted to make videos so bad they would be doing it because they were pumped about their music…it doesn’t say anything in this release about their music.

Not like any of this is too surprising. This is a band that blew up as a result of an iPod commercial. I guess I shouldn’t hold them to any standards.