Ok, i’m conflicted. I think what Girl Talk represents- the future of music, say some, its demise, say others- is interesting and worthy of analysis. (Also, the GT album is “pay what you want,” also a worthy convo topic). But do people actually like the music?? I mean, Greg Gillis is talented, very talented. He has a great ear and knows how to structure songs and to make people dance, which are all good things. But what he does to me, and i believe many others, is sad and hard to get over. When he starts playing a funky De La Soul or Tony! Toni! Tone! (heh heh) break, I want to hear that shit! I don’t want it to fade into some other bit from another undoubtedly great song, even a mix messes with it. (Hey yous with the opposing opinions, I want to hear from you!) This is my opinion, and i’m sticking with it.

We all know how it is- you walk into a club, a bar, a party and a song that just makes you want to move is playing. It feels great. And this feeling is EVEN BETTER when nostalgia is part of the mix, which is often the case with Girl Talk samples. Nostalgia is one of the most powerful mind trips- it can make you cry, laugh, whatever. To have that nostalgia brought to a grinding halt by mashing it up is potentially really dangerous. I could freak out!

So, should I go on Sunday?? (He does strip down often, and it will be hot….)

Girl Talk plays for free at the Jelly NYC Williamsburg Waterfront “Pool Party” on Sunday afternoon.

Girl Talk: Bounce That

Girl Talk: Bounce That