“The film itself is under a court order which forbids it from being shown unless the director is physically present.” (Wikipedia)

Needless to say, this won’t be up for very long, so if you’re a Rolling Stones fan, better watch it quick!!

I LOVE the Rolling Stones. I love their rock and roll, fuck it all attitude, the sweet and winsome moments in their songs, the timbre of Mick Jagger’s voice and, of course, Keith Richards’ gentle yet fierce strum. “Cocksucker Blues” was filmed during the time the Stones were touring behind my favorite album, “Exile on Main Street.” The version you’re going to see streamed is very crappy, hard to hear, and with fuzzy footage. But it’s still possible to feel like you’re there, doing coke with Mick.

Be careful, those of you that are prone to gasping- there’s one scene where Mick puts his hand down his pants- and things visibly grow. (There’s also an in-flight orgy scene, which I missed, I better go back and look for it….)

Seeing this makes it especially hard to believe that the Stones are still around AND still performing. It’s incredible, in fact.

UPDATE: Cool post on Dangerous Minds about “Dan the Record Man,” a downtown fixture in the 80s who sold records on Canal Street.