California music for New Yorkers.

The Babies music sounds very different from both Vivian Girls and Woods, which is awesome because combining those two bands would just make for a kind of generic muddle. Judging from the two tracks on the band’s newly launched MySpace, the tracks have a very specific pop-rock feel. Check out the song structure of “Meet me in the City.” It goes verse, chorus, verse, chorus and actually features a pretty extreme guitar solo toward the end. This isn’t the standard lo-fi music you’d expect from a scene that has gone in the minimalist direction. I’m refreshed! And it’s not just the iced coffee. This band makes me want to go to a show and dance my head off.

The Cassie led song, “All Things Come to Pass,” sounds nothing like George Harrison. It kind of has a surfer feel to it- but not in the California tradition of newish bands like Wavves, Best Coast, the Soft Pack, etc. Could this be the Rockaways surf anthem??