As J took the stage I could hardly fathom what was about to happen. There I was, at the Beachcomber in Wellfleet, Massachusetts, a room that fits about 150 people and sits on top of a high dune overlooking the ocean, and one of the greatest guitarists playing today was maybe 10 feet from me. And he plays fucking loud. I was a little nervous.

J and the rest of Dinosaur Jr. of course lived up to the hype. They played loud rock and roll with precision and dedication. What made the show though, was the crowd. Cape Cod is a tourist destination, so the show was a mix of tourists and locals. The crowd was not the crowd you’d see at a Dinosaur Jr. show in a city or even a college town. For one night the hardest alternative rock band ever was appealing to hippies, tough guys, soccer dads and local sons of fisherman. And everyone loved it. Everyone. (Note: how could they not though? This was a fucking loud rock show and everyone was drunk!)

The band worked their way through a great and varied set, avoiding many of the hits in favor of songs off the new album, Farm, and 2007’s Beyond. Crowd pleasers included “Out There,” “Tarpit” and the band’s awesome cover of “Just Like Heaven,” a Cure song.

It boggles my mind that J and Co. played Central Park yesterday to thousands of people.

Here’s a short video with bad iphone sound from the show, shot by Michael Nardullo: