I kind of don’t know where to start with this one. “Get Color” is off the hook, for real. It’s great Friday music because it puts your mind where it’s already desperately trying to go- out there. Way the fuck out there. You really can’t think about anything while listening to this album. And who wants to anyway? Some music is for introspection and some music is for just freaking the fuck out.

On “Get Color” HEALTH is moving way past its previous boundaries. The band is still the human  incarnation of a noisy-punk beer brawl but now electronic and dancey samples are added for, what do they call that? VIBES. There are even some soft moments on “Get Color.”

The whole thing clocks in at just over 30 minutes- which is certainly long enough. My head couldn’t take being so far out in space for much longer. But i’m not trying to make this sound painful- it feels good! To lose yourself is a special thing. HEALTH can help.

The album starts off with a couple more melodic tunes. “In Heat” and “Die Slow” have an almost new-wave feel to them, and both would fit in well with a (very) late night dance party. You can stream “Die Slow” here. The rest of the album is more rough and punked-out. Harder and crazier patches of drums, raw and rugged synths and drawn-out noise-spells are more prevalent.

Particularly good is “Death+”, which reminds me a bit of Lightning Bolt’s electronics sound. The song builds and builds with the same monotonous sample underneath it the whole time. And then it just peeters out at the end. Kinda like death? It doesn’t really take you anywhere but it does lead well (without even a second of pause, by the way) into the next song, “Before Tigers.”

HEALTH is really relying on the pretty and kinda creepy vocals of their singer on Get Color. They make every song a touch more “bearable.” Take that however you want. My guess is that in a live performance those vocals (sometimes layered on the album) will not sound as pretty.

This is truly an album. It holds together and the songs go from one to the next like a great mixtape. And, in a truly Southern Californian move, the band is selling American Apparel V-Necks with the phrase “YOU WILL LOVE EACH OTHER” stamped on them. Cute. Cute?