The cuteness in Melena Ryzik’s UrbanEye email today is just way, way too much. She’s a very crafty writer but even I can’t appreciate this. Here it is:

Oldies and Parodies

Today in ironic music appreciation: Hall & Oates for free at Asser Levy Park in Brighton Beach and Das Racist for money at the Bowery Ballroom. Don’t pretend you don’t know the former duo’s hits (you’re singing along to “Maneater” in your head right now); as for the latter, they’re parody hip-hop (see “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell”) whose “rhymes are smart and funny and delivered with a lazy loquaciousness that’s instantly appealing,” Amanda Petrusich writes. I can go for that?

Gosh! Alright already! What is she trying to do? Make me choke on my iced coffee?? Also, does anyone really think this Das Racist duo is any good? So corny, in my opinion. They are the perfect example of a gimmick. They’re not trying to be a band with fans, they’re trying to create a cool scene. Anyone agree?

That said, the staccato rhyming is a little bit interesting.

And Hall and Oates? I won’t even touch that. (Can you tell i’m not a fan?)