Pic by mat mat mat

Pic by mat mat mat, JH3, Manchester Academy, 1993

“Tell me something I really wanna know. Take me somewhere I really wanna go. Introduce me to someone really cool. Not another crazy fool.”

She said it. In the simplest terms possible Hatfield says she needs stimulation. She can’t live life bored. She just wants to be entertained. Just like….Nirvana? “Here we are now, entertain us!”

This is a typical 90s slacker theme that you won’t find in much of today’s music. Times were better then and so rock music rebelled against complacency. In these times we’re not rebelling against complacency- we’re struggling to be different in a much bigger and more accessible world.

Wow, it’s always J.H. that makes me like this.

The Juliana Hatfield Three: Feelin’ Massachusetts

The Juliana Hatfield Three: Feelin’ Massachusetts