Ecstatic Sunshine seems to get better and better, more and more interesting and freakier and funner with each record. Their third LP, “Yesterday’s Work” is set to arrive Nov. 3 but FIRST…check the free 7″ out on September 1 on Hoss. The “Turned On” 7″ features the catchy (can you believe it) track “Turned On,” which will also be on the upcoming record. The band says the track is a bit inspired by The Who’s “Baby O’Reilly.” I can see that. “Turned On” is not exactly epic, but it feels pleasurable and uplifting for sure. Also on the release is a remix of “Dunk” from the upcoming album. It’s given the Cexman treatment. Both are available below. But go to for your own.

The album was produced by White Williams, what up!?

No tour dates yet….stay tuned! UPDATE: (le) poisson rouge on Aug. 15 with Growing and Lucky Dragons.

Ecstatic Sunshine: Turned On

Ecstatic Sunshine: Dunk (Cexman Remix)