Matty McLaughlin

Matty McLaughlin

For real, this is an unreal lineup. Talk about dreaminess…Both bands have really perfected the art of the alt boy band. The Soft Pack, who I’ve written about many times, will open just a few shows for Phoenix, who I interviewed for Spinner and instantly became enchanted with. Too bad the shows are on the W(B?)est Coast… The Greek in L.A. and the Warfield in S.F.

The Soft Pack are also playing with fellow Californian Wavves for a few dates, also all on the W.C. All dates here, including Phoenix dates.

I’m glad The Soft Pack is finally doing something. They buzzed big time last October at CMJ…and then kinda fell off the radar. Matty (guitar player) from the band told me just a couple of weeks ago that they will be in NYC in August doing the recording (hey, that’s now!) and that there will be 15 tracks. He says the album will be out in early 2010. Also, he said this…exciting!

“We will also be featuring 6 videos of us playing new songs live in different setting around Southern California.”