on Guitar Hero. How weird is that? I thought that the game mostly featured ACDC and Journey songs? Apparently not. Probably because cute, trendy 20-somethings everywhere have found the appeal in playing Guitar Hero in their underwear (everyone wants to feel like they “rock,” not just pre-pubescent boys), Guitar Hero has smartly followed up on that demographic. The newest Guitar Hero incarnation, #5, features Vampire Weekend, Band of Horses, TV on the Radio and yes, Elliott Smith. The track they chose is from 2000’s Figure 8, Smith’s last studio album before his death and certainly the strangest of his career. The album featured absolute beauty and rich songwriting but was overly produced, leaving Smith’s mark on the album a bit diluted. The track, “L.A.,” is more rocking than most of Smith songs but I think there could have been a better pick. It’s interesting they didn’t choose a more popular Smith song…though I guess most of those are acoustic ballads. Either way- good for the Smith estate. I believe most of that money goes to charity.

Who’s going to invite me over to play?!