The internet copyright police came for me today, which is why I couldn’t post anything for you all. Sorry!! The Woodstock post from a couple of days ago included an mp3 for the track “I Shall Be Released.” BIG mistake. Anyway, they (finally) released my blog and i’m back. It’s kinda fucked up that WordPress held me hostage ALL DAY. I deleted the damn post! Anyway…Of course there was tons of news today. A highlight:

My main men Tony Stark 1 and Tony Stark 2 over at Stark Online have an interview with Esau Mwamwaya from The Very Best. It’s great. Here’s a quote: ” ‘Julia’ Mwamaway notes, is about “falling in love…you know love is so precious…like an egg, it is easy to break…you need to be careful and handle [gently].’ “


I will resume full responsibilities tomorrow. LUV.