So I went to the Delancey last night for the screening but I couldn’t stay for more than 10 minutes of the movie. Not because I didn’t like it, (I did and I want to see more), but because the venue was wrong, all wrong. There were about 20 people sitting on the floor (ew in The Delancey basement??) and everyone behind them was standing up, trying to see the sheet that served as a screen. The people in the way back by the bar were talking loudly so it was hard to hear. Todd P always looks like he’s stressing out, so I couldn’t tell what he thought of the whole thing.

I do want to see “Todd P Goes to Austin” and I hope it gets screened somewhere bigger, preferably with seats. Or at least a less dingy floor.

By the way, the free Colt 45 was served in old-school miniature glass 40 containers, which were very cute and retro. But after a few cases there weren’t any more cold ones and the bartender s tarted handing them out warm. Talk about the worst kind of swill.

Anyone go? How were the bands? My guess is they were awesome, cos they are awesome.

Team Robespierre plays at Death by Audio on Friday night and the So So Glos play there on Saturday night. Get yer ass to South Williamsburg!