Musician and educator extraordinaire Sam Hillmer is at it again. While not performing and making music with his band Zs, or working with Brooklyn youth to create music and art for Representing NYC, he is hard at work as Trouble, with partner Laura Paris, creating installations and all-around weird shit. On display from September 10 thru Oct. 2 at Death by Audio in Williamsburg is You Are Here, aka The Maze.

“Using a maze as a structure to conduct shows in puts the audience in every kind of proximity to the performers, front back, side, in the middle of, etc… at many DIY shows these kind of proximities are encouraged anyways but at the maze there is no choice,” Hillmer told me in an email.

Sounds rad to me. Live performances will be staged in The Maze every day! Hillmer says going to a show at a venue can be “painfully predictable” and the goal of this project is to challenge that.

This is the second year of The Maze. Last year it was assembled on 44th St. in midtown. Hillmer said the maze “freaked people out” but also brought people to that part of town. (Is that a good thing?)

What is especially interesting about Hillmer’s project is the anti-corporate nature of it.

“We’re really concentrating on how this moment in time seems to be really oriented around festivals… there’s just all these music festivals popping up in new york and they’re all super corporate and busy giving away shoes and paying huge sums of money to indie buzz bands and stuff… and we really want to distinguish our festival as being something that our community just agrees to do because we enjoy it and believe in it.”

WORD. Remember this?  Click here for some crazy footage from last year’s maze. Check the You Are Here Myspace for more info.