Ok, so people may have whatever feelings they have about Todd P. Whatever you think, that he’s cool, that he’s lame, that he’s too cool, it really doesn’t matter much because the man has been putting on shows in odd places and doing it without any corporate sponsors and going against the capitalist grain for a VERY long time. And I think he deserves props for that. He manages to appear in the pages of The New York Times and not get a big head about it. And his shows are always crazy.A movie has been made about him and his work and is called “Todd P Goes to Austin.” The screening premiere is tonight at The Delancey, doors at 8. Todd will also spin a DJ set, Team Robespierre is playing and so is my new fav band The So So Glos. Be there! RSVP to: rsvp@dt-mag.com. There’s an open bar, thanks Colt 45. (I guess that’s one corporate sponsor. But i’m poor, so i’ll go with it.)

Vodpod videos no longer available.