It’s good to have friend with perspective. My friend Andy Schwartz, one time Editor at New York Rocker, sent out this video clip of a show Jools Holland and Leslie Ash (from Britain) did. The two are being guided around downtown Manhattan in 1983 by friends of Schwartz Roger Trilling and Jonathan Greenfield. The video is really enlightening for those of us interested in what downtown was really like. It’s interesting to see the places (Danceteria, CBGB, the Roxy) and hear about it from locals who have nothing to lose in being candid.

The music is sick.

Interesting fact: Danceteria booker Ruth Polsky, who appears about 5 min. in, was killed in 1986 after being hit by a cab on the steps of the Limelight club. INSANE right? I was there….not in 1986 but in 1997 before it closed. Fun Fun.

It’s all about dance.