This is the biggest and saddest news I’ve heard in awhile. While I think Conor Oberst’s career will go far no matter what he’s doing, under the moniker Bright Eyes he was his most passionate, most honest and most creative. His solo work is strong, and his tours will always inspire, but on hearing the first Monsters of Folk single, I don’t think that project will live up to what Oberst is capable of.

The Omaha World-Herald interviewed Robb Nansel, head of Saddle Creek Records and childhood friend of Oberst, and he said that what Oberst expressed to him was that there would probably be one more Bright Eyes album and that was it. (Oberst told Rolling Stone previously that he would soon drop the name.)

Siiiiiiigh. This is not definite, I don’t think. Take a read and you decide. BONUS: old school Bright Eyes MP3.

Bright Eyes: Neely O’Hara