The Times has a really interesting story today that deals mostly in nostalgia. Though the piece starts with Harry Potter and the fans of the books and movies it then veers into more interesting territory: music. The story elaborates on the idea of a comeback and cleverly shows that what Gen Y-ers want is to feel what they felt when they were in their teens. And Britney, the Backstreet Boys and Blink-182 (not to mention Eminem) are all back. Don’t call it a comeback.

Case in point, Eminem’s new album “Relapse,” which has been getting terrible reviews, by the way, has already sold 1.2 million copies. That’s a ton these days.

Even though I was born in 1982 (the article says Gen Y starts roughly in 1980), I feel i’m more of a Gen Y-er. Maybe I was mature for my age…HA.

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