I saw these guys open for Those Darlins last Friday and they were radical- they screamed barbed lyrics over punk-pop bass lines and fun guitar surf jams. The four guys in the band, Alex, Ryan, Matt and Zach are “brothers” from Bay Ridge and they all live and play/work at the Market Hotel in Bushwick. I can just picture it- empty beer cans and cigarette butts strewn across the floor, grimy couches that you sink into, maybe a lurking cat and certainly a slacker vibe. (Reminds me of my co-op days in Berkeley….)

Anyway they’re totally worth seeing. And the next chance you get is on July 18 at the Market Hotel and then August 1 at Death by Audio. I’ll be there.

See the band’s Daytrotter session here.

The So So Glos: Isn’t It a Shame

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The So So Glos: Isn’t It a Shame