Yesterday at the Williamsburg Waterfront, the new home of Jelly NYC’s infamous Pool Parties, my resilience was tested. First I had to wait in a fucking long-ass line for a looong time. And it wasn’t cos I was late, I got there when there were only about 50 people in line, if that. They were unorganized (i know, give them a break, it was day 1) and the “doors” didn’t open until 2:40, which is exactly wayyy too late for me. Anyway I went in and was immediately drawn in by….Converse! Mavi Jeans! Cafe Bustelo! Yes! No seriously, I understand corporate sponsors, they are how come the show is free, and i’m all about free. But does it have to be soooo in your face?? I mean come on, Converse wanted people to paint on a Converse wall? Why?

Anyway, the view was amazing and the day super sunny and nice. Great day for music and beer. But if you were old enough to drink you were quarantined off like swine flu infected cattle. It wasn’t music and beer, it was music or beer because if you were in the beer area you couldn’t see the stage too well.

Oh, and there were police everywhere. The ones in canvas colored clothes and big hats were the scariest. They lined the waterfront. As if someone is gonna jump in the East River! And if they do- it’s their funeral!

Anyway- bands good, beer cage bad. Free music good, corporate sponsors bad. Long line very bad. I guess we can call it even.