Molly Siegel is the singer of the Baltimore art-punk-rock-pop group affectionately called Ponytail. No one in the band has a ponytail.

The group is well-known for spastic live shows featuring Siegel’s signature yelps, jumps into the air and commanding stage presence. Ponytail  just played the first Pool Party of the summer yesterday with Mission of Burma and show no signs of slowing down. They’re on tour now with Yeasayer, are playing the Pitchfork Fest in Chicago and are likely to being recording again in the late summer or early fall. Molly took a few moments to answer questions for MME. They’re short and to the point, just like her live performance and her personal stature.  (She likes Mad Max and the Bmore Ravens.)

Q. Tell me about how you came up with your vocal technique! It’s so interesting.

Thanks! Well I’m assuming you know the story of how the band got together. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do in the band. I mentioned I might want to sing but I was pretty nervous. Dustin and I set up a practice by ourselves and jammed and I started doing some crazy stuff and I liked it and felt somewhat comfortable with it, so we brought it into practice and I just kept going.

Q. How are songs written in the band?

It’s a combination of jammin, Dustin and Ken bringing in riffs, and internet stuff. I usually don’t solidify my parts until the song is pretty much written and then things start to get real done.

Q. What’s the best thing about Baltimore?

Ray Lewis 😉 RIP K Swift

Q. What’s a normal day for you like?

Hmmm well when I’m not on tour I usually wake up at like noon and live like an old man but there is no normal really yet cuz we just got off of tour. Ask me in a few weeks and hopefully I’ll be being more productive.

Q. Your music- it can be described in so many ways. How would you describe it?

Noise pop — I hope it’s motivational.

Q. What other bands/musicians are you listening to?

I am really excited about MEN JD Samson’s new band

Q. Do you get scared before going on stage?

Yeah more lately again, I think I’m getting a second wave.

Q. Playing with Mission of Burma this weekend, what does it feel like to be prepping for a show with such a famous band, with so much history?

Real nuts, pretty awesome!

Q. What’s the best thing about being on the road?

No chores 😉

Q. Bikes, Cars or Feet?

Feet for sure

Q. Beach or Woods? Why?

Hmmm both?? The Beach really rules, The Redwoods are awesome, you get both.

Q. You often wear jersey’s on stage. Are you a big sports fan, or does that kind of complete your athletic look and attitude you project?

Sporty huh, Yeah I am a pretty big sports fan and yeah I love the way it looks

Q. When I first heard your yelps and howls I thought, “This could get boring.” But it doesn’t. How do you mix it up?

I don’t wanna be bored either, ya know?

Q. Favorite hobby?

The Mad Max trilogy


Ponytail: Celebrate the Body Electric (It Came from an Angel)

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Ponytail: Celebrate the Body Electric (It Came from an Angel)