“Sleep on the train to Tokyo, Google yourself when you get home.”

So goes a lyric from the opening track of the supremely high-feeling and buzzy debut LP called “LP” by Discovery. This album sounds like a video game, a dream, an E-trip and all the other heady and comfortable experiences you can think of, which of course means that this is the album of the summer.

“LP” lives in the moment. Googling yourself is just one of the many signs of currentness that the album holds tightly to. The rest are less obvious. It’s like Rostam (of Vampire Weekend) and Wes (of Ra Ra Riot) decided to make an album that screams “Be Here Now!” When listening i’m happy in the moment, I don’t feel nostalgic, I don’t long for something else. This is a refreshing feeling.

The first four songs of the album are pretty damn close to perfect. Each synth or click-clack rhythm follows the previous one  like three follows two. It’s easy to classify Discovery as “electronic,” “retro-dance” or even just “pop”. But doing that is really pointless. The songs fit in a club, they fit at a Connecticut barbeque, they definitely sound right through headphones on the G train and they sound awesome on your home speakers. They encourage dancing and introspection. And that’s rare.

The first song, “Orange Shirt” is the first single from “LP,” and it sets the mood. High sheen, call and response vocals, deliberate electronic-cymbals and the perfect amount of vibe-infused sass make for one of those songs that just makes you want to move, or at least bob your head.

The next, “Osaka Loop Line,” is maybe my favorite on the album. It’s frenetic and starts with a slightly off-putting beat that sounds like tires skidding across a record with deep grooves. The perfectly controlled synthy swells and hand-claps come in at the appropriate time, saving you.

It should be said these songs are using a lot of throwback feelings to make their point, but as I said before, digging up the past and mixing all those elements together make for a record that feels like right now.

About halfway through “Osaka Loop Line” there’s a breakdown, a new sound, and a breathy vocal track that calms and soothes. This moment in the song also serves as a cue- time to dance. The timing is impeccable.

The highlight of the album is a digitally controlled and auto-tuned Angel Deradoorian infused song called “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend.” Forgetting the obvious gender lines that are being crossed with Angel singing this one, just realize that the breathy and angelic voice of Angel is enough to melt you. And she does it over a crunchy beat. Pretty fucking awesome.

All the songs are interesting in their own ways. With the exception of a mediocre (albeit well-timed) cover of the Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back,” this album is golden. And it is an ALBUM, people. Get it and listen to it all the way through. You won’t regret it. You can stream the whole thing at their site, nice guys….

“LP” came out on Tuesday, July 7. No tour dates yet.

Discovery: “Osaka Loop Line”

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Discovery: “Osaka Loop Line”