I mean, the guy’s a hero! He’s remained true and loyal to “modern rock” for so long. And even now, after many gigs, much time at MTV (as the host of 120 Minutes, most famously) and even rehab, Pinfield still gets up at 4 am to do live, local, rock radio (RXP 101.9). It’s unbelievable!

Check out Gothamist’s Q&A with him. A few highlights:

“The guys that did Yo! MTV Raps would go to me, “The black community is really feelin’ you.” ”

“Thom Yorke walked up to us and said, “I know you guys took a lot of shit for staying behind this and backing us on this record. And I just want you to know how much it means to us.” And Thom Yorke actually broke into tears before he walked out of the room.”

“Sitting in this van is me, Lee “Scratch” Perry, Steven Malkmus of Pavement and Sarah McLachlan.”

“Things have become so sub-genred and specialized and niched that it doesn’t give a lot of people the opportunity to grow.”