This is the summer of Anniversaries.

It was just the Stonewall 40th Anniversary. Woodstock Hits 40 Years in August. And today is the 20th Anniversary of Spike Lee’s explosive hit “Do The Right Thing.” It’s easy to watch the film and say, “Oh so much has changed.” But has it? Yes, we have a black man in the White House. What else is different? There are way more white homeowners in Bed-Stuy. Maybe our racist attitudes are aimed elsewhere? I’m not sure. I want to hope for the best. But sometimes it seems things are going backwards.

The 20th Anniversary edition features Lee interviewing some of the actors from the film, and Lee says this, accurately:

“That’s not to say all racism is gone just because Barack is in the White House.”

Here’s the notorious racial slurs scene. Hard to watch. “Fuck Michael Jackson,” says Turturro. Woah.