In bizarre news- Brooklyn trio These Are Powers are doing an 9-date tour of China. The press release says the band is bringing their soundtrack for the future peace movement to China.” I don’t really get that and have sent questions to their PR people. What about human rights abuses and the squashing of free speech in China? What about the Tibetans?

The press release also says this:

“These Are Powers invitation to perform in China arrives at a crucial time as contemporary artists, modern composers and rock musicians in the world’s most populated nation are experiencing a revival after years of suppression from the communist authorities.”

Revival?? I need details. I’ll keep you posted.


July 10 2009 D-22 Beijiing
July 11 2009 TBA Tiajin
July 14 2009 D-22 Beijing
July 17 2009 Vox Wuhan
July 18 2009 TBA Shanghai
July 19 2009 Castle Bar Nanjing
July 21 2009 D-22 Beijiing
July 24 2009 Yugong Yishan Beijiing
July 25 2009 D-22 Beijiing