Broadway Backyard Pic by Joe Perez (

Broadway Backyard Pic by Joe Perez (

I interviewed Jeremy from Woodsist and Mike from Captured Tracks to figure out why the heck these dudes are putting on what sounds like a killer July 4th party (besides the fact that it’s going to be a killer party). But I couldn’t get them off the topic of food and drinks.

They said they work together, but mostly they eat together. (They’re also in a new supergroup, ZODIACS, featuring Jarvis from Woods and JB from Crystal Stilts)

“We have no tolerence for bullshit food or drinks,” said Mike. “Life’s too short.”

Why should people come to the show? Besides for the music?

“Good eats, fine drinks,” said Jeremy.

(There will also be limited edition merch, so get there early!)

The show is in the Broadway Backyard on July 3 and 4 and bands include: Woods, Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts, Blank Dogs (featuring Mike), Ganglians and MANY more. Check here for the full list.

Jeremy said he invited Nathan (of Wavves) to play. (His album came out on Woodsist).

“I think he’s got a lot on his mind right now, who knows….”

“That guy is under a lot of pressure. He’s like a media experiment. I don’t understand it,” said Mike.

Most don’t. But what I DO understand is that this show is shaping up to be awesome.