“Well I don’t know why I love you like I do. Nobody in the world can get along with you.”

Yep, it’s the typical can’t live with her or without her love song. This one, the opening track on Dylan’s first album, Bob Dylan, was written by bluesman Jesse “The Lone Cat” Fuller, who played a guitar and the “fotdella,” (a homemade bass which he constructed from piano strings and played with a foot pedal). Cool.

But just cos Dylan didn’t write it doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how it feels. We all do.

But true poets and men and women of the heart can’t love em and leave em. No, something much for drastic and selfless is called for.

“You give me the blues, I wanna lay down and die.”

Bob Dylan: “You’re No Good”

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Bob Dylan: “You’re No Good”