I’m not one for “reunions,” especially when the band is super popular. The whole situation just screams “shitshow!!” But from what i’ve heard, the Pixies reunion shows back in 2004 or whenever were amazing. And I suppose the band has a big enough sound for festival stages. That said- those tickets will be fucking $$. Even more reason to be doubtful of the whole thing, right??

This box set is a little masturbatory, but whatever. Die-Hard Pixies fans are jumping for joy, peeing in their pants, etc.

The only date announced is the Isle of Wight Festival. There will be more announced soon, ala Sonic Youth style…”Stay Tuned for another show announcement!!” Puh-leeze.

BONUS: Old School Goodness…”slicing up eyeballs, i want you to know!”

Pixies: Debaser

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Pixies: Debaser