Woods at the Shank

The majority of the fest took place during the rain, which probably didn’t help things. On Saturday, Bedford Ave. was closed to cars and trucks. But there was NO ONE in the street. The people that were out stuck to the sidewalks, out of habit I suppose. The lawn chairs set up sat sadly empty, sprinkled with rain drops.

I’m not sure what the turn-out was or how “successful” the fest actually turned out to be. The shows I went to were well attended but overall everything seemed to be in disarray. It is the first time the Fest was put on, but with so much money, sponsors and volunteers….you’d think things would have gone a bit more smoothly.

Night One: Thursday: Magik Markers and Nine 11 Thesaurus/The Fly Girlz: Shea Stadium

This was a great show, see my review here, but the situation was effed. As I wrote in my review, there was some confusion as to whether or not the show was part of Northside. The fest and the L Magazine claim it was, sparking a comment fray on Brooklyn Vegan, but Strength in Numbers, who organized the show, claims it never was.

Day Three: Saturday: Brooklyn Based/Gothamist Showcase: Public Assembly

I arrived late and only heard the last band on the BB stage, Mia Riddle. Honestly I can’t believe this band has a residency at Pete’s Candy Store. I haven’t been there in awhile but they used to host great indie and folk bands. Riddle and her band were such mediocre alt-folk it was hard to even listen.

After, I walked by that triangle of grass by Kellogg’s diner and there was a fundraiser for Crest Hardware going on. The tiny stage was host to an insane hair metal band. Seriously, the guy had a big fur outfit and a chalice. Unreal. This was almost the best thing I saw at Northside, but wait, it wasn’t Northside….

I went to The Shank later in the evening for Woods. This was the highlight of the night. The band was tight, interesting, spooky and damn was it hot and sweaty in there. Ambiance is everything, my friends. And cheap beer, sweat and rock and roll go together. That’s just the way it is.