Karen Soskin, the organizer of Strength in Numbers, maintains that last night’s Magik Markers and Nine 11 Thesaurus/Fly Girlz show at Shea Stadium was never confirmed to be a Northside event.

“I expressed interest in the fest because it seemed like its overall goal was to bring people to Brooklyn to see music and I was very flattered to be asked to do a show but it was never ultimately confirmed,” she said.

Soskin said she has emails that show this.

“I said I had some concerns and wanted to discuss the fine print,” said Soskin, in reference to the band’s not getting 20 percent of the door and being paid with Kangaroo sneakers instead.

Soskin also sent two emails within the last week to Brooklyn Vegan announcing the line-up and clarifying that the show was not part of the Northside Fest. But in the comments section of the story about last night’s show, Brooklyn Vegan posted a comment saying the show WAS part of the Northside Fest.