The 2 acts couldn’t be more different in sound, but in emotion and theory, they are very similar. Both groups are extremely “indie,” (though my guess is that the high schoolers and middle schoolers in FG/N11T want to “blow up,”) and both have a devoted indie, anti-corporate following. Thursdays show at the newly opened DIY venue Shea Stadium, was a lesson in resistance.

What could she possibly mean??

The show, advertised as part of the Northside Fest, was not at all a part of the fest. Not only did I arrive to find out my press badge would not get me in, but the promoters (Strength in Numbers) even had little printed out and hand cut (so DIY) 3×5 pieces of paper explaining why. After reading, I understood and applauded them.

They weren’t honoring badge holders because the proceeds from badge holders was not going to the smaller bands but to the big bands. (I never paid for my badge at all, but I did give a few bucks at the door).

“We think it’s fucked up that the bands playing this festival should be held responsible for paying the arbitrary, sound-number guarantees and booking fees of “festival-type” bands playing entirely different shows. We don’t think giving free kangaroos shoes to all the bands- or other compensation from festival sponsors- instead of a few bucks for gas or rent……is a fair trade which promotes an honest, equal music community.”

I came home after the show to find in my official Northside bag: Kangaroo laces (what, no shoes?!), a made to look DIY black & white Scion Magazine (yes the car), Scion earbuds and socks (what??) and info on where to get my free Heineken Light. (Why Light? Are We Fat?)

So, Northside is a corporate clusterfuck, which is in keeping with the current economic climate and state of the music industry. SIGH.

Meanwhile, Magik Markers, etc. blew Shea Stadium down.

Nine 11 Thesaurus rapped cleverly and with a lot of passion. The group- about 6 high-school aged men, were joined by the 2 remaining Fly Girlz (Angel and Sophie) and are now a powerhouse in youth hop. Seriously- these kids put on a great show and the energy was super high and charged. Check them out- they open for Zs (led by Sam Hiller who is the founder of Representing NYC), on June 15 at Secret Project Robot.

Magik Markers give a full-on assault to whoever’s around. Singer and guitarist Elisa Ambrogio is a wonder- she plays so hard and so purposefully, resulting in quivering legs, body shaking and harsh noise. But the Markers are more than a noise band. Their songs all are structured. Sure, the songs often break out into instrumental cacophony, but Elisa guides all the songs with her crazed lyrics and chanting.

Drummer Pete Nolan seemed a little off the beat last night but I think that’s the way they do it. By keeping the songs slightly off, they are more jarring, more deliberate.

The show was moody. And I love music like that. You get lost in your own head. I caught myself thinking about some of the strangest things during one particularly trancey moment in a song. I won’t share….