I really loved this psychadelia-inspired LA band. They played bluegrass with an edge, Beach Boys pop with attitude. Dave Scher (Farmer Dave) plays in a new band called Farmer Dave and is obviously tight with Jenny Lewis (he’s been playing in her band since she went solo). I haven’t heard the band yet- who saw them the other night opening for Jenny and Deer Tick?

Here are some pics from Tuesday at the Williamsburg Music Hall. Anyone else so totally GROSSED out by Johnathan Rice? Ew. He cuts the sleeves off his own band’s t-shirt? And his own band’s name is Jenny Lewis, who is also his girlfriend. Yuck. Also- his songs stink. I bet his greasy pits do too, EW!

Here’s a killer Beachwood Sparks track, off 2002’s “Once We Were Trees,” recorded in Massachusetts randomly and featuring J Mascis!!

Beachwood Sparks: “The Sun Surrounds Me”

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Beachwood Sparks: “The Sun Surrounds Me”