Last night at the Prospect Park Bandshell thousands of people were treated to the awesomeness that is David Byrne. The sound was good, the dancers lively, and Byrne himself- dressed all in white and playing with the fury and dedication of a teenager- was perfectly on. I don’t know how the man still does it! It’s been way more than 20 years since The Talking Heads formed at RISD and he is busy busy. Whether he’s designing bike racks, biking around the city, performing, writing a book or building an instrument out of a building, he’s always doing something crazy.

Last night Byrne played mostly tracks that he and Brian Eno penned together for the new album out now, “Everything That Happens Will Happen Today.” But being the true performer he is, he gave the hungry crowd a few classics: “Life During Wartime,” “Heaven,” “Once In a Lifetime” and others.

It was a groovy show. Inside the fence, where I was for most of the show, happy couples and groups of friends and yes, some children, danced and ate on blankets. Outside the fence everyone did the same. There was no rain! Is Brooklyn blessed?

BONUS: A track off Byrne’s 2001 album “Look Into the Eyeball”

David Byrne: “Like Humans Do”

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David Byrne: “Like Humans Do”