Go!Team2007Look at these Crazies…

My friend Dana had the album, “Thunder, Lighting, Strike.” I listened and was hooked. “Huddle Formation” was my favorite track. Made me want to…..dance. And then, somehow, my noise-head and experimental-loving friend Joe became hooked too! And it was beautiful. We saw the Team play at the Paradise in Boston. Must have been Spring, 2006? (OK- so it’s not much of a “throwback,” but it feels like forever ago!) We ate pizza first. The show was awesome. 2 drummers. A crazy athletic-sock and tennis skirt wearing singer bounced around and threw hip-hop moves like firecrackers.

The Bri-ish band’s follow-up was meh. Still fun but definitely not as precise and pounding as their first.

The Go! Team: “Huddle Formation”

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The Go! Team: “Huddle Formation”