The story in yesterday’s Times (though it won’t appear on paper til Sunday), about Dirty Projectors, is a great piece of journalism. Not only does Ben Sisario detail, clearly, the music that Longstreth and Co. make, but he also gets at the issues that all “indie” bands in the “harsh face of stardom” may be dealing with: commercial success, popularity, loss of intrigue and edge.

Longstreth is a thinking musician, obvious in his music and in the story. He’s a Yale guy, a smartie with a music degree. And can I just say, thank god. Even though Longstreth claims the amateur thing is what he wants to maintain, if he weren’t so versed in the actual structures of music and how it’s written, played, etc., his songs would not be as complicated and devastatingly detailed.

Check the part in the story where Amber Coffman explains the Bed Stuy basement and metronome. 12 hrs….

I can’t freaking wait to see the band live again.


Dirty Projectors: Cannibal Resource

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Dirty Projectors: Cannibal Resource