Fort Tilden Abandoned Fort Pic by AndyJay

Fort Tilden Abandoned Fort Pic by AndyJay

In keeping with his “I throw parties and book shows in the randomest and therefore best locations in New York City,” Todd P has struck again! This time, instead of some dingy loft or “yard” in Bushwick we get treated with a beach show, at the beautiful and not at all New York City-like location: FORT TILDEN.

The line-up is scheduled to change….but so far it looks fucking rad. It’s acoustic- by the way. Not sure how that’s going to sound with waves lapping and what not. But oh well.

Sunday, June 14

–7:40pm :: Golden Triangle
–7:30pm :: Babies ————– mems Vivian Girls, Woods, x Bossy (tentative)
–7:20pm :: Aa aka BIG A little a
–7:10pm :: Talk Normal
–7:00pm :: Dinowalrus
–6:50pm :: Spectre Folk
–6:40pm :: the So So Glos
–6:30pm :: Shilpa Ray
–6:20pm :: Skeletons
–6:10pm :: TK Webb
–6:00pm :: Religious Knives
–5:50pm :: Necking
–5:40pm :: Ducktails
–5:30pm :: Phosphorescent
–5:20pm :: Pterodactyl
–5:10pm :: the Forms
–5:00pm :: Little Gold
–4:50pm :: White Diamonds
–4:40pm :: Taigaa
–4:30pm :: Puttin’ on the Ritz
–4:20pm :: Knyfe Hyts
–4:10pm :: Samara Lubelski
–4:00pm :: the Ballet
–3:50pm :: Beach Fossils
–3:40pm :: Mika Miko ———- from Los Angeles, CA
–3:30pm :: Emilyn Brodsky
–3:20pm :: Teengirl Fantasy
–3:10pm :: Christy & Emily w/ Till by Turning
–3:00pm :: Fiasco
–2:50pm :: the Strange Boys —- from Austin TX
–2:40pm :: Broccoli Destroyer
–2:30pm :: Frankie Rose ——– from Crystal Stilts, x Vivian Girls
–2:20pm :: Ponytail ————- from Baltimore, MD
–2:10pm :: Katie Eastburn
–2:00pm :: Coathangers ——– from Atlanta GA
–1:50pm :: Metal Mountains
–1:40pm :: Real Estate
–1:30pm :: Liturgy
–1:20pm :: Artanker with Heavy Friends
–1:10pm :: Extra Life
–1:00pm :: Xray Eyeballs
12:50pm :: the Homosexuals
12:40pm :: Hot Pink Carpet
12:30pm :: Javelin
12:20pm :: the Eskalators
12:10pm :: Vultures
12:00pm :: Air Waves w/ mems of Ponytail!
::::::::::::::: much more tba