With news of Radiohead in the studio AGAIN, I thought i’d go back to 1995 with “High and Dry,” one of my favorite tracks by Yorke and Co. The success of Radiohead is pretty crazy. Much like Sonic Youth, Radiohead has legions of devoted fans in the mainstream, but they are somehow able to maintain their indie “cool.” It’s admirable. Maybe last years In Rainbows release had something to do with it. You remember, pay what you can?? Yeah.

“High and Dry” is a bittersweet tune, one where Thom Yorke’s whine makes you want to grab him and wrap him up in a big snuggie and never let him out. Maybe that’s why Yorke has said he thinks this song is bad. It makes people think of snuggies and blankets and warmth and comfort. And that’s mad corny.

Look at this cutie:

Radiohead: “High and Dry

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Radiohead: “High and Dry”