Photo by Natasha Ryan

Photo by Natasha Ryan

(& free MP3 below: “Bleed”)

by Kemp Baldwin

Into the electronic wilderness we go. Animal Collective constructed a feral playground of sound last night at Terminal 5, populating it with bouncing loops, caterwauls, Beach Boy harmonies, and magic. There’s some wizardry going on atop those ghostly dressed and hovering boards –knob twisting, drum machine hitting, button pushing, occasional instrument playing– but what they’re really doing I haven’t the foggiest idea. The best I can surmise is they’re casting spells. Playing sounds so disparate and odd, these guys somehow craft wildly catchy tunes. Yes, it can get weird at times – or I guess weirder – but, man, all sorts of people are really starting to take a shine to this chaotic jubilance.

A couple of years ago, Animal Collective shows were attended pretty much exclusively by hipsters and hippies looking for the new-new weird. Last night, these folks probably still made up the majority of revelers, but the increasingly diverse crowd – models, part-time models, frat boys, girl’s night girls, I-bankers, out-of-work I-bankers, AARP members – and their conversations, reactions, and actions shed some light on the band’s growing popularity. Listen in:

Note: I may have taken liberties with of the names of the concertgoers. I was also, for the most part, reading lips.

INT. Terminal 5 – Wednesday Night

Drunk Female Model stumbles into Bearded Shlubby Dude. He catches her as AC begins “Comfy in Nautica.”

Drunk Female Model: Is this that Panda Bear song?

Bearded Shlubby Dude: Yes, isn’t it wonderful?

DFM: You aren’t exactly repulsive, just well below my standards, but the ethereal quality of this song makes me swoon. Would you like to make out?

BSD: Yes. By the way, you are too articulate for a drunk model.

DFM: Thank you. Let’s do this.

The couple proceeds to make out.

INT. Terminal 5 – Later

Hipster, standing motionless, enjoying the music in his head, notices Frat Boy fully enjoying himself and approaches him with great curiosity cloaked in disdain.

Hipster: What are you doing here, Frat Boy?

Frat Boy: I’m super baked.

Hipster: Same, but why are you here? You don’t belong here.

Frat Boy: Everyone belongs here! This music is so weird it’s democratic. Like Phish!

Hipster: Phish is pure drivel.

Frat Boy: That’s a good thing, right?

Hipster: I’ve never thought of it that way.

The two pound fist and begin to bob to the music as if at Phish show.

INT. Terminal 5 – Earlier

AC launches into “My Girls.” Investment Banker, be-suited with tie around his head and cocktail in hand, tries to capture the energy from the music.

Investment Banker: It’s so quixotic; I don’t care that I just lost my job. (Singing) “I don’t care for fancy things, or to take part in a precious race.”

Investment Banker finds the groove and turns into a shaman in cuff links.

INT. Terminal 5 – Later

Intellectual Blogger stands next to his Girlfriend, who is beating the railing with pure enjoyment. He is puzzled.

Intellectual Blogger: (Internal Monologue) I just don’t fucking get it.

Girlfriend: These guys are so amazing. Thank you for bringing me!

IB: I know. Fantastic. So hard to pin-point.

Intellectual Blogger begins to cry on the inside.

INT. Terminal 5 – Later

J. Crew Girl, Banana Republic Girl and Hipster Girl scream as the opening lines to” “Brothersport” fall out of Avey Tare and Panda Bear’s mouthes. The girls hug and bounce around like they’ve won something.

Girl’s Together: (Singing) “Open up your, open up your, open up your throat, and let the all of that time, all of that time, all of that time go…”

J. Crew Girl: This comes right after Beyonce’s “All the Single Ladies,” on my running playlist.


BONUS: freeee mp3 (new song)

Animal Collective: “Bleed”

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Animal Collective: “Bleed”