At least- for the big names. Today’s New York Times has an interesting article detailing just what artists have to do these days with marketing in order to make money off their music. The article uses Dave Matthews’ various versions of its album release as its main example:

There’s the regular CD version, with 13 songs. Then there’s the deluxe version, which includes a documentary DVD, and the $60 “super-deluxe” boxed set, which adds four extra songs, a 40-page photo book, 14 lithographs by Mr. Matthews and a 24-page tribute to LeRoi Moore, the band’s saxophonist, who died last year. If bought on the band’s Web site., each CD comes with an additional live disc. Also online, iTunes is selling the standard version for $10, as well as a pass for $20 that includes still more bonus songs and video.

Geez. I don’t know which one to get!!! Why would I get any of that though, when I can download the whole thing for free? (I’m playing the devil right now).
It’s an interesting story.