I grew up with the Axl/GNR version, and even though i’m a monster Dylan fan, I didn’t know this was his song until maybe 6 or 8 years ago. This song is perfect- it makes you both yearn and weep, and grin and sit-back. My only complaint is that it’s sooooo short. It needs at LEAST one more verse. Seriously!

The story, of a gunslinger or bandit or officer of the law even, that’s stepping down, or going to hell, is a metaphor for any change in life. And that makes this what they call a universally appealing song.

“Mama take this badge offa me. I can’t use it anymore.”

There was this one night in Oakland, California, with one of me best friends. We weren’t all there- and we listened to the Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid soundtrack maybe three times through. The only track that you can even think about skipping is the chicken chase song.

Here’s a scene, with the song, from Sam Peckinpah’s awesome western…

Bob Dylan: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

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Bob Dylan: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door