Angel Deradoorian, who performs solo under just Deradoorian, plays intricately planned songs. Every chord she plays, or note she sings, is perfectly placed. She’s kind of like a lullaby: soothing and pretty and done just right.

Deradoorian is a product of a well nurtured community. The California girl lives in Brooklyn and plays in the Dirty Projectors- a band that is pretty much the best band around right now. (Look for a review of their new album, Bitte Orca, coming soon.) The scene that DP belong to is a self-sustaining and supportive one, evidenced by the crowd at the Cake Shop last night. Her whole band was there, including leader Dave Longstreth, who swayed and cheered for Deradoorian throughout her five-song set. Also in the crowd was Avey Tare of Animal Collective, whose sister, Drawlings, opened the show. And in Deradoorian’s band was her “best friend,” her “brother” and their other other “good friend.” Without support, can anyone really thrive??

Deradoorian plays guitar, keyboard, a sampler and a flute. Each with mastery, except the flute, which added an interesting sound when played, but was hardly breathtaking. What is breathtaking, are Deradoorian’s pipes. Literally my breath was taken away when she sang her last song, which i’m pretty sure was called “Holding Pattern.” She sang as if her life depended on it.

Stream her whole EP, Mind Raft, on muxtape.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that John Norris was there too, of course.