“Jamie” is probably my favorite Weezer song. It’s a discarded b-side from the “Blue Album” sessions and features River’s at his best. First of all there’s the poppy jam that keeps going and going through the whole song. Seriously, no down-time at all in this track. Then there is the ” oooh ooh ooh!” that is just so sing-along inducing that it’s ridiculous.

Example: I lived in a co-op house in Berkeley one summer and we all had to do a chore at the house, a project, to better the place. I was re-painting the front porch with a few other people and my friend Jeff started playing “Jamie” on an acoustic. Nobody really knew the song but EVERYONE had the “oooh ooh ooh’s” down. This song translates into fun.

Musically, this song is solid. The driving force is the fuzzed-out bass (Matt Sharp, wump wump) which hits hard in the gut and carries the yearning vocals and guitar solos anywhere they want to go.

“I am yours, you are mine, show me where and I will sign!”


This version was released on a Geffen Rarities album that also had a ton of awesome other b-sides from Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Beck, That Dog, etc. It’s also on the recently released Blue Album Deluxe Edition.

Weezer: Jamie

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Weezer: Jamie