From everyone’s favorite Kinks LP, Village Green Preservation Society, “Johnny Thunder” is as delightful as a cup of tea and a cricket match on Boxing Day, when your mum comes home from the flat and takes the lift up to see the Queen and you spill chips all over your bloody knickers and….well, you get the point.

Eets verrrrrrry Breetish, innit?

Supposedly about the social marginalization of the titular biker character, whose penchant for riding fast is spurned by the gentle townsfolk. Good thing for Johnny, “he vowed that he would never, ever end up like the rest.” Cor! God blesshim!

Bonus trivia: the song was NOT the inspiration of notorious NY punk rocker Johnny Thunders of the Heartbreakers, NY Dolls, etc. He got that name from a comic book, after cycling through other names like Johnny Volume, Johnny Jaywalk and Johnny Syphillis (jk about that last one).

His name now, of course, is Johnny Dead….cuz he’s bleedin’ demised.