These tattooed Atlanta hardcore girls have attitude enough to choke on. Just take a listen to their songs…stripped down and fast, hard-hitting and scream-o. Yep, they’re the real deal. Kind of a throwback to early Sleater-Kinney. Their songs deal with subjects like men, people messing around with their shit and blase attitudes, all in a no-nonsense way.

The Coathangers album “Scramble” was released in April on Suicide Squeeze. They are part of the punk rock scene in Atlanta which also includes bands like Deerhunter and the Black Lips.

All 4 girls sing, and sometimes they even switch instruments. The two lead singers have very different voices, which makes for a great sound. One has a harsh, alto scream and the other a whiny, soprano squeal. On “Bury Me” the girls swap vocals, almost challenging each other.

“Bury me bury me, scare me scare me!”

On another track, “Gettin’ Mad and Pumpin’ Iron,” the Coathangers’ attitude is out in full force:

“I just wanna tell you i’m gonna break your fuckin’ face!”

OUCH….I think they mean it.

It’s refreshing to see a guitar-based band like this. They have a keyboard player, but the songs are led by hard strumming. The vocals also play a big role–there is hardly a moment of any song where there isn’t a lead vocal controlling the song, or a scream or wail in the background.

Seeing The Coathangers live is probably a killer-experience. I can just imagine the modern day moshing that most likely takes place….Good thing they’re playing the Market Hotel in June. The MH in Bushwick is the perfect lawless space for this band. (See below for tour dates).

Here’s the video for the song Parcheezi from their self-titled debut:

The Coathangers: Stop Stomp Stompin

Click the above link.

The Coathangers: Stop Stomp Stompin

The Coathangers – 2009 Tour Dates
05.11.09 Atlanta, Georgia Drunken Unicorn
06.09.09 Atlanta, Georgia Drunken Unicorn $ #
06.10.09 Greensboro, North Carolina University of NC $ #
06.12.09 Baltimore, Maryland Sonar $ #
06.13.09 Brooklyn, New York Market Hotel $ #
06.14.09 Brooklyn, New York Glasslands Gallery @
06.15.09 Providence, Rhode Island AS220
06.16.09 Rochester, New York Bug Jar
06.17.09 Montreal, Quebec La Sala Rossa $
06.19.09 Toronto, Ontario Sneaky Dee’s
06.23.09 Winnipeg, Manitoba Pyramid Cabaret
06.27.09 Seattle, Washington Comet Tavern
06.30.09 Portland, Oregon East End
07.02.09 San Francisco, California Hemlock Tavern #
07.03.09 San Jose, California Nickel City Arcade #
07.05.09 Los Angeles, California The Smell
07.06.09 San Diego, California The Casbah #
07.07.09 Tucson, Arizona Plush #
07.09.09 Lubbock, Texas Bash Riprocks #
07.10.09 Dallas, Texas The Lounge on Elm Street #
07.11.09 Austin, Texas Mohawk
07.12.09 Houston, Texas Mango’s
07.13.09 New Orleans, Louisiana Saturn Bar
$ w/ Mika Miko
# w/ The Strange Boys
@ w/ Ex Humans, K-Holes, DJ Aliz Brown of Golden Triangle