Sonic Youth’s amazingly provocative and complicated album from 1986, “EVOL,” (love spelled backwards) is my favorite of all SY’s albums. All the songs have their strong points, and all are dark and moody in some way.

But “Star Power” is especially strong. From the swirling guitars to the saturated bass lines, the band really nails the coffin shut with this one. Kim Gordon’s vocals are growly and grainy, and when she sings lyrics like these, the mixture of admiration and jealousy the singer has for the subject are all the more potent:

Burning down in the night
Supercool its alright
She knows how to make love to me
She knows how to make love
Close my mind when I think of you
Everything turns black to blue
Starpower starpower starpower
Over me

This is a rad video from 1986:

Sonic Youth: Star Power

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Sonic Youth: Star Power