Peter Fonda as Captain America

Peter Fonda as Captain America

A newly restored 35 mm print of Easy Rider is playing for one week only starting tomorrow at the Film Forum in Greenwich Village in conjunction with the 40th Anniversary of the film’s release. Hands down one of the best films ever made, ER is also one of the more provocative films made about a generation. It shows freewheeling “youth” and hippie-commune culture in a favorable light but doesn’t give anything a rosy glow. Also, the soundtrack. Oh, the soundtrack.

The film is well known and loved for it’s cinematography and sound editing in particular. There are certain scenes in the film where the sound cuts out almost completely and sun and colors are used to transmit vibes. This is a tough thing to do without sound. But it’s done very well.

And it’s dark, this is not a party happy-time film. It shows America’s beauty and sadness.

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